This table shows how the imaging software connects to your mount, or “Telescope” as it is often called. To get a “Y” in this table, the software must connect directly to the device or software in the columns.

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ProductASCOM MountTheSkyX [1][2]TheSky6[1] [3]
CCD CommanderYYY
CCD AutoPilotYYY
Sequence Generator ProYAA
Voyager [4]YYY

  1. You can connect to TheSky6 and TheSkyX via ASCOM, so if your imaging software can connect to ASCOM, it can control your mount via TheSky6 or TheSkyX and there will be an A in the column. A Y in TheSkyX and TheSky6 columns means the software connects directly to those packages.
  2. TheSkyX supports ASCOM, Astro Works, Astro-Physics, Celestron, David Chandler Co., iOptron, Jim’s Mobile, Inc., Losmandy, Lumicon, Meade, Mountain Instruments, Orion, Ouranos, SHOWA, Sky Comm Engineering, Sky-Watcher, Software Bisque (Paramount), Star Pilot, StellarCAT, Takahashi, Tele Vue, VIxen and Wildcard Innovations. For details see
  3. I don’t have TheSky6, and it is no longer sold, updated or supported by Software Bisque. If you have it and know what mounts are supported, let me know!
  4. Voyager also supports the Array Virtual Mount