Turning images into coordinates

This table shows how the imaging software supports rotators, which rotate the camera to adjust the “Position Angle” (zero = North) of your image.

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ProductASCOMManual Goto [1]Automatic Goto [2]Moonlite direct [3]Optec direct [3]Officina Stellara direct [3]
CCD Commander [4]YNYNYN
CCD AutoPilot [4][5]YNYNYN
Sequence Generator ProYYYNNN

  1. Manual Goto – can the software send a command to move the rotator to a given position angle?
  2. Automatic Goto – can the software move the rotator, take an image, plate solve the result, and move the rotator to correct the error to obtain a given position angle?
  3. Does the software support direct connection? Note: ASCOM drivers are available for these as well so if the software connects to an ASCOM rotator, it will work with these rotators
  4. Also supports direct connect to RCOS PIR rotator and the discontinued Astrodon TAKOMETER rotator
  5. Also supports rotator via TheSkyX