Flat Device

Flat panels, flip flats, sky flats

This table shows the options supported for taking flat files, which are used to calibrate your images.

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ProductAlnitakGemini SnapCapTecnosky TecnoCapArduino Flat DeviceAutomatic Sky Flats [1]Automatic Panel Flats [1]
CCD Commander [4]SSSSYY
CCD AutoPilot [4][5]YSSSYY
Sequence Generator ProYYMMNN

M = Manual – you must manually set up your flat device
S = Supported by Script – your flat device needs a way to control it via a script you write and the script is called by the imaging program
Y = Direct support builtin to the software

  1. Automatically adjusts exposure length so mean ADU of sky flat file is within a specified tolerance of a desired value